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Welcome to ODSCONLINE, a site designed to offer the best possible access to information regarding the governmental programs related to disability and social assistance in both Canada and the United States. Finding oneself in the position where you have to apply to any of these programs requires swallowing one's pride, not to mention stressful, depressing and even in some cases hard on your health. The whole aspect and process can be downright terrifying when applying for social assistance or disability for many reasons. Our Forum covers topics related to ODSP, OW, CPPD, SSDI, WSIB, medical and general interest topics. Whether you are experiencing difficulties, have questions or just wish to relate to others that are utilizing OW, ODSP, CPPD, WSIB or SSDI, the Forum is the place to be. You'll find links, news articles, and experience that other people have had in a friendly caring atmosphere.

NOTE: To register your account in the Forum, your account must be activated by a valid email address. It's recommended you use a "Handle" or "Nickname" for the forum and not your real name.

NOTICE : (June 15th,2011)
BBS (Bulletin Board System) is now online. All you need is a regular modem, telephone line and you can download the Qmodem Pro from here. Install it, configure it to use your modem and enter this phone number for it to dial 647-342-7758 (it's already installed in the program). The BBS will accept a connection up to 56k. If you know someone with an older computer that cannot afford Internet access, this is an excellent alternative.Your older computer can use MS-Dos, Windows 3.x, 95 or 98 with Qmodem Pro (It is possible it might work with Windows XP, but MS-Dos is recommended). If you choose to attempt using any version of Windows higher than 3.x, you'll need to have the experience to know what port and irq your modem is on and be able to tell Qmodem Pro what those values are in it's configuration.No need for the newest computers.

To download Qmodem Pro... Click here for the program in zip format or Click here for the self extracting exe format

and install in (For Example) c:\qmodem or c:\qmpro

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